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Growth of large hotel companies has resulted in less support for property management teams and less individualized solutions for hotels.


What can/should an owner do to significantly improve their short-term returns and to ensure their assets are truly building long term value?


Hire GHA as they are uniquely qualified to deliver on this promise for three reasons:

a. We begin with a strategic positioning exercise which then helps us develop a customized plan for each asset.

b. Our focus expands beyond just room sales to analyze total hotel sales – F&B, Casino, Spa, Etc

c. Our team drives accountability through monthly performance reviews, property visits, and engagement with our partners.

How We Work


a. Top Operators with Hotel, Above Property, Real Estate, & Consultancy experience.

b. Multiple country, language and business experience (casinos, REITS, timeshare, unions, luxury)

c. We are connected - we know the industry players, the best talent, and have a formal/informal network to get you the best talent.

Who We Are


1. Each team member has multiple property experience with expert knowledge of what corporate support/levers will help your property be successful

2. We will hold your brand operator accountable for the performance you deserve.

3. We will make a huge difference to your asset in the short, medium and long term.

Our Owner Commitment & Partnership


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